winding clockToday I attended an awesome local event that was focused around Economic Development. While I initially attended only because it was a requirement of my full-time job, I quickly learned how informative and beneficial the event was to not only myself, but the community in which I live. I also attended a few of the forums, one of which was very inspiring. The panel was of entrepreneurial families from the businesses of Auto Zone, Holiday Inn, and Duncan Williams (talk about entrepreneurial greats).

The panel spoke a bunch on how to best implement and survive as an entrepreneur. They made point after point on how to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur; how to balance family life and business; how to foster healthy cultures in a company, but the one point that stood out to me was when Pitt Hyde stated that ‘The Time Will Never Be Right’. While he was referring to the start-up of a business idea, I immediately related it to following your passion. He was so on the mark with his statement. And I know I’ve heard that statement before. Sometimes the point in which you hear, isn’t always the point in which you listen. Today… I was listening.

There were so many times before I actually started living out my passion that I could come up with every excuse on why I couldn’t professionally follow my passion. No money. No time. No experience. No following. The list went on and on. I would tell myself, “I’ll do it later.” “How about next year?” “When I finish my graduate program.” All the while, I could’ve being doing it right then. Maybe with smaller baby steps, but the time would never be perfect. There is no perfect timing. There is only time for now. I guess I’ve actually begun living to prove that the statement is true, but once upon a time, I bought into the negated idea that I should do it later.

I wanted to share this post to encourage those of you that may be stuck in a moment of disbelief of time. You may feel that there are things presently in your way that mean you should wait on following your passion; your dreams. Unfortunately, the more you wait, the longer it will take for you to find your happiness. You may think that tomorrow, next month, or next year will be better opportunities for you to live your passions out loud. Dispel that myth. Speak it loudly, “THE TIME IS NOW“. Know that with all things we desire, actions have to follow. Turn that perceived perfect time into now.

Today, I’m so glad I attended the conference, learned a lot, and was able to inspire myself to continue following my passion. I’m more inspired to remove excuses from my mentality and just do. Hopefully, you will follow me on that new mindset!

See you as we continue to move ahead passionately!