passionSo… you’ve given your defined passion all you’ve got. You’ve been successful in mastering it and becoming an expert of it. Whether its cooking, speaking, writing, singing, or whatever, you’ve embraced your passion, but yet you are still left feeling a bit incomplete. What’s the problem? Why aren’t you fulfilled. Why isn’t the happiness there?

Maybe your cooking, speaking, writing, or singing passion just wasn’t you expected it to be. It is very possible to misinterpret what our passions are. It’s possible to find out that what we expected to get from our passion, just didn’t do it for us. I remember growing up thinking I wanted to be a singer. I gave it my all; or at least what I felt was my all. My sister that is a professional singer/songwriter/manager may say differently ;-). Every time I walked off a stage or left a recording booth, I didn’t have the same feeling I had after I wrote an article, book, poem, or short story. I spent quite a bit of time putting energy into singing when all along my REAL passion was writing.

Today I just wanted to convey the message of being honest with what makes us happy. I could’ve just said, ‘Singing is my passion” and never put the right amount of energy into what truly makes me happy. I could’ve remained a bit unfulfilled. Now, don’t mistake my point of realizing what your true passion is as a point to encourage you to give up on something that you like doing. I still sing occasionally. Sometimes I am asked to sing at different events and I enjoy doing it, but when I write or speak about my writing, etc., the feeling is incomparable. I just wanted to encourage each reader not to spend too much time chasing a passion that’s more of an enjoyable moment than a true passion.

Until the next posting ~ Continue Living Passionately!