Door KnobGreetings Fellow Passionistas!!!

Yeah… Yeah… That’s a made up word, but I greet you as that because if you’re reading this post or any portions of this blog you have a strong desire to create and maintain your own happiness. I always say you do that by following your passion; that inner burn within you about that thing or things that keep you sane and content regardless of who or what attempts to influence your life.

Today’s posting is relatively concise, but relevant all the same. I believe there can be somewhat of a myth to the idea that ‘Doors of Opportunity Open’. The saying alone may allude to the fact that the doors just magically open for you to walk through. Without the full story behind how the door opens, one may think if you stand there long enough, your life begins to change. I truly believe a person has to turn the knob in order for the doors to open. They don’t just pop open. What is the knob? Some great work and effort has to go into the passionate journey in order for the doors to open. Your great work and effort is you turning the knob. Today, don’t just stand in front of that door of opportunity. Make a move. Create a moment that will turn the knob and make your walk through a reality.


Make your idea of happiness a reality and begin living your passion out loud!