So… today I wanted to go back to the basics of why I created this blog. The premise of this blog is all about encouraging readers (and myself) to have the gumption to follow or continue following their dreams to full fruition. I’ve defined dreams as passions – The thing or things that will make a person possess true, inhibited happiness. They keep a person filled with self-fulfillment without external input from a person or thing.

choppy watersWithout our passions, life can be almost meaningless. It’s so easy to just give in to life, but those who realize their inner strengths have a desire and eventually act on what makes life meaningful to them. I always say, your passion makes life meaningful. It makes the ride worth exploring. You have to be committed to the ride, however. Don’t be a drifter in life. Don’t let life take you where it wants and you have no say so in the way it turns out. There is no commitment in drifting. It’s merely giving way to the tides and waves that beat against your very being. It’s not knowing where you’ll be next. No direction. Completely oblivious to how meaningful life could be. A sailor however, it just the opposite. Sailors ride the open waters, but maneuver and steer the wheel of the boat to its next destination. They take control of what their destiny may be. They have a dream in mind. They have a passion they want to live out loud and they make sure the boat heads that direction. Drifters have less chance to fight against the currents with success. They are often tossed and turned, taking hits from all directions. Those hits sometimes being hard to bounce back from. Sailors have greater chances in overcoming the heavy rains, the choppy waters, the unforeseen challenges that will be present in their life.

I’ve always considered myself to be a sailor, although I’ve had to learn how to not drift away sometimes. I have to keep turning the wheel. I can’t become complacent or comfortable with my position or the state of my passion. I urge you to do the same. If you’re already a sailor, keep sailing. If you’re more of a drifter, grab the wheel of that boat. Get off the raft and step on the boat and guide your life long dreams. You are the captain of your happiness. Make your life meaningful and clear in purpose!