utensils“The happiness of your life solely depends on your reactions to what is served on your plate. We don’t always get to choose our plates. But how we accept those plates defines how well we accept life. The positive acceptance of life, be it good or bad, determines how we value happiness in our lives. Choose which utensil you will use to make it the next day’s serving.”

Yesterday I wrote this status on my FB page. It spoke on the fact that life throws what it chooses at us, but we determine how we accept, maneuver, and proceed past what’s been thrown. Whether life gives you candy or onions, the one constant factor remains that your reaction determines your level of happiness.

You can only respond best to something when you’re using the right tool to do so. For instance, taking into consideration my status, life serves you what it wants. You don’t always get to choose to eat steak, lobster, and sushi every day. Some days life chooses to serve you ramen noodles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or sardines. With each serving a different utensil is required. For example, with ramen noodles, you clearly can’t use a spoon, it just won’t work. You have no choice, but to use a fork to be able to eat it. That’s if you want to eat it with the least trouble. And I’ve never seen anyone eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a fork. Most folks (I say most because you never know) eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with their bare hands. And even with the most delectable servings your choice of utensil matters. With a steak you need more than one utensil to be able to enjoy it. With lobster maybe just a fork, and with sushi, your choice of utensil may be chop sticks. Some things require more attention or more complexity than others. With either serving, being the most or least expensive or desirable, how you’re prepared to savor each bite or make it to the next serving clearly matters. Life is no different. Your attitude and acceptance of life is no different. Choose to use a positive attitude, or positively accept what happens, what appears, what transpires from life and you’ll find it to be more fulfilling. The lessons will become more appreciative. Your attitude is your utensil.

Live life with a passion for taking it on with the best utensil ever created, your positive attitude!