Mirrors on a wallMirror mirror on the wall. Who has changed most of all?

One of my greatest beliefs is that a person should ALWAYS be working towards being better than yesterday. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll see this message repeatedly as it is one of the most important message I feel I can relay. I mean, who wants to live life and say, “I’m the same as I was yesterday?” Well. Maybe there are some people content with that, but I believe the human spirit, in general, desires to be better than before. Think about it. The little boy that wants to grow up and be the next Jordan or Kobe, clearly knows he’s got to obtain greater skills to make it to that level. He knows to be able to do a lay up, he’s got to figure out how to dribble the ball down the court. Or the little girl that watches her favorite singer on stage, understands that she will have to make her voice stronger. She can’t do all the rifts and runs without being able to simply hold a note without falling off key. Those are elementary examples, but relevant all the same. In both, the little boy or the little girl, that want it the most, will be persistent in trying to be better at playing basketball or singing. Most people want to be the best person and the best at what they are doing.

How is this related to passion? What makes being a better person coincide with following your passion? It’s simple. If you’re the same person you were three years ago, three months ago, your passion and your expert level of your passion doesn’t grow either. The purpose of your passion should be to not only fulfill yourself, but the lives of others. If you’re not growing, then your life isn’t impacted and neither are others’ lives. It almost makes your passion pointless if it remains at point A and never grows to point B, C, D, etc. all the way to point Z. Every day, even every moment, should be spent making it better than before. Practice, study, meditate, assess, actualize, do whatever it takes to be better than before. You’ll not only find yourself perfecting yourself, but your passion will blossom as well.

I could go on an on about how to become a better you, but the best (and in most cases) the only way to do so is to just start working on it. Be realistic about who you are. Eliminate your bad habits, specifically your negative thought patterns. Act on your realization of your areas for needed growth. Start today. Make a change. And when you look back next week, next month, next year, you should be able to see a different person in the mirror you look in each morning.

Until the next post, LIVE PASSIONATELY and do it OUT LOUD!