The Time Will Never Be Right…

Today I attended an awesome local event that was focused around Economic Development. While I initially attended only because it was a requirement of my full-time job, I quickly learned how informative and beneficial the event was to not only myself, but the community in which I live. I also attended a few of theContinue reading “The Time Will Never Be Right…”

Along The Way…

When was the last time you put a puzzle together? For me, it wasn’t too long ago thanks to my five-year old that loves boggling our brains with puzzles. As I worked on the last puzzle with my daughter, we started out with a pile of pieces that we knew would help create the pictureContinue reading “Along The Way…”

Lived Out Loud: Book of the Month

Hi Readers! It’s Monday and while I could gripe about how much I wish I weren’t at work today, I actually am still on a natural high from my weekend. This weekend I had a chance to live my passion out loud! My book, “Enough Time”, was selected as the August read for the MemphisContinue reading “Lived Out Loud: Book of the Month”

Mistaken Passion

So… you’ve given your defined passion all you’ve got. You’ve been successful in mastering it and becoming an expert of it. Whether its cooking, speaking, writing, singing, or whatever, you’ve embraced your passion, but yet you are still left feeling a bit incomplete. What’s the problem? Why aren’t you fulfilled. Why isn’t the happiness there?Continue reading “Mistaken Passion”

Turn The Knob…

Greetings Fellow Passionistas!!! Yeah… Yeah… That’s a made up word, but I greet you as that because if you’re reading this post or any portions of this blog you have a strong desire to create and maintain your own happiness. I always say you do that by following your passion; that inner burn within youContinue reading “Turn The Knob…”

Take a Breath…

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. I’m having to tell myself this over and over again in this very moment. Ever had an iPhone? Well if not, be grateful. Mine is giving me the blues right now. It hasn’t even been a year and I’m experiencing issues like never before with it… I mean, who has time forContinue reading “Take a Breath…”

Walk a Mile In Your Own Shoes

With so many media and social avenues shoving images of whom to be, what to be, what dreams to go after, it can be daunting to follow your OWN dreams. Even our own families and friends can influence us to do things that aren’t quite “us”. It’s easy to become trapped in the ideologies ofContinue reading “Walk a Mile In Your Own Shoes”

Be a Sailor, Not a Drifter…

So… today I wanted to go back to the basics of why I created this blog. The premise of this blog is all about encouraging readers (and myself) to have the gumption to follow or continue following their dreams to full fruition. I’ve defined dreams as passions – The thing or things that will makeContinue reading “Be a Sailor, Not a Drifter…”

Wrong Utensil?

“The happiness of your life solely depends on your reactions to what is served on your plate. We don’t always get to choose our plates. But how we accept those plates defines how well we accept life. The positive acceptance of life, be it good or bad, determines how we value happiness in our lives.Continue reading “Wrong Utensil?”

Are You Who You Were Yesterday?

Mirror mirror on the wall. Who has changed most of all? One of my greatest beliefs is that a person should ALWAYS be working towards being better than yesterday. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll see this message repeatedly as it is one of the most important message I feel I can relay. IContinue reading “Are You Who You Were Yesterday?”