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August 2013

The Time Will Never Be Right…

winding clockToday I attended an awesome local event that was focused around Economic Development. While I initially attended only because it was a requirement of my full-time job, I quickly learned how informative and beneficial the event was to not only myself, but the community in which I live. I also attended a few of the forums, one of which was very inspiring. The panel was of entrepreneurial families from the businesses of Auto Zone, Holiday Inn, and Duncan Williams (talk about entrepreneurial greats).

The panel spoke a bunch on how to best implement and survive as an entrepreneur. They made point after point on how to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur; how to balance family life and business; how to foster healthy cultures in a company, but the one point that stood out to me was when Pitt Hyde stated that ‘The Time Will Never Be Right’. While he was referring to the start-up of a business idea, I immediately related it to following your passion. He was so on the mark with his statement. And I know I’ve heard that statement before. Sometimes the point in which you hear, isn’t always the point in which you listen. Today… I was listening.

There were so many times before I actually started living out my passion that I could come up with every excuse on why I couldn’t professionally follow my passion. No money. No time. No experience. No following. The list went on and on. I would tell myself, “I’ll do it later.” “How about next year?” “When I finish my graduate program.” All the while, I could’ve being doing it right then. Maybe with smaller baby steps, but the time would never be perfect. There is no perfect timing. There is only time for now. I guess I’ve actually begun living to prove that the statement is true, but once upon a time, I bought into the negated idea that I should do it later.

I wanted to share this post to encourage those of you that may be stuck in a moment of disbelief of time. You may feel that there are things presently in your way that mean you should wait on following your passion; your dreams. Unfortunately, the more you wait, the longer it will take for you to find your happiness. You may think that tomorrow, next month, or next year will be better opportunities for you to live your passions out loud. Dispel that myth. Speak it loudly, “THE TIME IS NOW“. Know that with all things we desire, actions have to follow. Turn that perceived perfect time into now.

Today, I’m so glad I attended the conference, learned a lot, and was able to inspire myself to continue following my passion. I’m more inspired to remove excuses from my mentality and just do. Hopefully, you will follow me on that new mindset!

See you as we continue to move ahead passionately!


Along The Way…

puzzle piece in handWhen was the last time you put a puzzle together? For me, it wasn’t too long ago thanks to my five-year old that loves boggling our brains with puzzles.

As I worked on the last puzzle with my daughter, we started out with a pile of pieces that we knew would help create the picture in mind. We looked at pieces that stood out; that we clearly knew where they went and started piecing them together. At times we would try to put together pieces that didn’t actually belong together. We didn’t become discouraged however, because we knew the end result would be a mastered puzzle. We’d put those mismatched pieces down and move on to other pieces we believed would fit better. Sometimes we would pick the same pieces up again just to find that they still didn’t fit the part of the puzzle we were working on. Eventually as we progressed towards the end of the puzzle those once misfit pieces began to fit perfectly. To finish the puzzle, we had to continue to reach back and use pieces that didn’t work at first try. Eventually they did.

Following your passion requires a lot of persistence and dedication. You have to focus. You have to be willing to try things over and over again until it works; until you’ve mastered what you’ve set out to achieve as your passion.

The point is, what may seem like you can’t use now doesn’t mean you won’t use it later. Sometimes you have to remember what you were exposed to along the way; along your journey to becoming your passion. Today, view your passion as a puzzle. There are pieces to your puzzle that may not make sense initially, but eventually they do. Remember to go back and pick them up as needed. Don’t rule them out as they may one day be the perfect fit. Continue on your journey. Continue being passionate about life knowing that all the pieces come together in due time as they were designed to.

Don’t forget to take the Passion Grind Pledge and begin living passionately out loud today!

Lived Out Loud: Book of the Month


Hi Readers! It’s Monday and while I could gripe about how much I wish I weren’t at work today, I actually am still on a natural high from my weekend. This weekend I had a chance to live my passion out loud! My book, “Enough Time”, was selected as the August read for the Memphis book club, Nefertiti Literary Guild. I love when people support my passion.  The highlight of it all was that I was able to share in their discussion of the book! The group was more than colorful and they definitely read my book inside and out. I loved every moment of it and felt so in my zone…

Check out a few pics below from the awesome event!

And remember —->>> If you find happiness in it, it’s for you to follow…






Until the next post continue LIVING PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!!!

Mistaken Passion

passionSo… you’ve given your defined passion all you’ve got. You’ve been successful in mastering it and becoming an expert of it. Whether its cooking, speaking, writing, singing, or whatever, you’ve embraced your passion, but yet you are still left feeling a bit incomplete. What’s the problem? Why aren’t you fulfilled. Why isn’t the happiness there?

Maybe your cooking, speaking, writing, or singing passion just wasn’t you expected it to be. It is very possible to misinterpret what our passions are. It’s possible to find out that what we expected to get from our passion, just didn’t do it for us. I remember growing up thinking I wanted to be a singer. I gave it my all; or at least what I felt was my all. My sister that is a professional singer/songwriter/manager may say differently ;-). Every time I walked off a stage or left a recording booth, I didn’t have the same feeling I had after I wrote an article, book, poem, or short story. I spent quite a bit of time putting energy into singing when all along my REAL passion was writing.

Today I just wanted to convey the message of being honest with what makes us happy. I could’ve just said, ‘Singing is my passion” and never put the right amount of energy into what truly makes me happy. I could’ve remained a bit unfulfilled. Now, don’t mistake my point of realizing what your true passion is as a point to encourage you to give up on something that you like doing. I still sing occasionally. Sometimes I am asked to sing at different events and I enjoy doing it, but when I write or speak about my writing, etc., the feeling is incomparable. I just wanted to encourage each reader not to spend too much time chasing a passion that’s more of an enjoyable moment than a true passion.

Until the next posting ~ Continue Living Passionately!

Turn The Knob…

Door KnobGreetings Fellow Passionistas!!!

Yeah… Yeah… That’s a made up word, but I greet you as that because if you’re reading this post or any portions of this blog you have a strong desire to create and maintain your own happiness. I always say you do that by following your passion; that inner burn within you about that thing or things that keep you sane and content regardless of who or what attempts to influence your life.

Today’s posting is relatively concise, but relevant all the same. I believe there can be somewhat of a myth to the idea that ‘Doors of Opportunity Open’. The saying alone may allude to the fact that the doors just magically open for you to walk through. Without the full story behind how the door opens, one may think if you stand there long enough, your life begins to change. I truly believe a person has to turn the knob in order for the doors to open. They don’t just pop open. What is the knob? Some great work and effort has to go into the passionate journey in order for the doors to open. Your great work and effort is you turning the knob. Today, don’t just stand in front of that door of opportunity. Make a move. Create a moment that will turn the knob and make your walk through a reality.


Make your idea of happiness a reality and begin living your passion out loud!

Take a Breath…

BreatheBreathe. Breathe. Breathe.

I’m having to tell myself this over and over again in this very moment. Ever had an iPhone? Well if not, be grateful. Mine is giving me the blues right now. It hasn’t even been a year and I’m experiencing issues like never before with it… I mean, who has time for that? Ok… I’m breathing again… On top of that, I was looking at my tires this morning and saw that I reeeeaaaallllyyyy need to get some new tires before I’m sitting on the side of the road calling AAA. And who has time for that? In all seriousness, I had to write this post for myself today. I’m having the hardest time dealing with some of life’s distractions that have been whirling around me lately. I haven’t been writing (outside of this blog) and I know it’s because I’m allowing these very small distractions get to me. So again, I’m breathing… But of course, these haven’t been the only distractions that have been popping up lately. They aren’t because life is full of distractions. If it’s not these, it will be something else. I’ve still got to continue pursuing my passion though. I can’t allow life’s small distractions sway me from living passionately out loud. There will always be something or someone keeping your focus a bit off; that’s if you LET IT…

So today, I’m preaching a few things to myself and hopefully encouraging others: 

1) Don’t get bent out of shape over things you can’t control. I can’t control my iPhone’s retard functioning. I can’t prevent my tires from wearing down. I’ve got to get over it.

2) Continue to pursue your passion regardless of the distractions that arise. Even though I’m not sure how much longer my phone will hold up until I meet with the Apple representatives, I’ve still got to write. Heck, even writing this post, is helping me push through my distraction.

3) As the old proverb says in summary, “Learn to deal with the things you can’t change”. Yes, life will throw rocks and stones your way, trying to crack your windshield and make your driving view distorted. Get the windshield fixed and keep it moving.

4) BREATHE… Sounds simple and it’s an involuntary action we take all day, but when you feel yourself allowing your distractions to truly throw your focus off, stop, step back, and take a breath.

These are just a small list of suggestive ways to get past your distractions and continue living your passion. Think of other ways that you feel will best help you. Use them to maximize your life and continue LIVING YOUR PASSION OUT LOUD!

Oh yeah… I’m still breathing…

Walk a Mile In Your Own Shoes

tieing your shoesWith so many media and social avenues shoving images of whom to be, what to be, what dreams to go after, it can be daunting to follow your OWN dreams. Even our own families and friends can influence us to do things that aren’t quite “us”. It’s easy to become trapped in the ideologies of what makes you feel accomplished or satisfied in life. That trap can create a false sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Be honest with yourself. How many times have you tried to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? You usually only hear ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ when there is reference to how hard life could be for you, but in actuality it isn’t. I’m referring to it as the point that sometimes we can spend more time trying to walk in someone else’s shoes that we miss out on the fact that the shoe doesn’t even fit. It’s either too small or too big.

Here’s a perfect example, when I left for my first year in college, I was convinced that I needed to attend the University of Mississippi and major in math. Why? Heck, I didn’t know then and I barely know now. I am aware that the University of Mississippi was a choice of my father’s and that I felt a false perception of ‘good’ about being accepted into the school. I also know that he approved of my math major decision. And while I did learn a plethora of life lessons while attending, it wasn’t necessarily my choice. I probably would’ve made a darn good mathematician or math professor, but it wasn’t my heart’s desire. I ended up transferring to another school, changing majors, and trying to find another shoe to fit. The story continues, but the point is I was trying to walk in someone else’s shoes. Or at least I was trying to wear a pair of shoes that someone designed for me rather than I designed for myself. My true love has always been communication/writing and I should’ve gone straight to college majoring in writing. What would have been different if I’d done so? I could give you a list of about a hundred things that I can assume would’ve happened had I, but the truth is, I’ll never know. I’ll never know how successful I would have been taking up a degree in communication. I’ll never know if I could’ve worked for a major publication like the Chicago Tribune or something of the similar. I’ll just never know. I spent years wearing shoes that didn’t fit. I think I’ve finally found or created the perfect pair for me by following my passion of writing. The feeling I have inside feels just right. It doesn’t feel like I’m pretending to be something or someone other than what I have defined for myself. I finally feel like I am walking my own mile in my own shoes… And I’m loving it.

I encourage each of you to walk in your own shoes, down your own path. Tie up the laces and never let them loose. Heck, make a double knot in them so they are sure to always stay on. Turn off the TVs and computers, close the magazines, and turn off the cell phones that your friends and families use to urge you to do something other than what makes you happy. From this day forward promise yourself you won’t do anything other than walk a mile in your own shoes following your passions to happiness.

Be a Sailor, Not a Drifter…

So… today I wanted to go back to the basics of why I created this blog. The premise of this blog is all about encouraging readers (and myself) to have the gumption to follow or continue following their dreams to full fruition. I’ve defined dreams as passions – The thing or things that will make a person possess true, inhibited happiness. They keep a person filled with self-fulfillment without external input from a person or thing.

choppy watersWithout our passions, life can be almost meaningless. It’s so easy to just give in to life, but those who realize their inner strengths have a desire and eventually act on what makes life meaningful to them. I always say, your passion makes life meaningful. It makes the ride worth exploring. You have to be committed to the ride, however. Don’t be a drifter in life. Don’t let life take you where it wants and you have no say so in the way it turns out. There is no commitment in drifting. It’s merely giving way to the tides and waves that beat against your very being. It’s not knowing where you’ll be next. No direction. Completely oblivious to how meaningful life could be. A sailor however, it just the opposite. Sailors ride the open waters, but maneuver and steer the wheel of the boat to its next destination. They take control of what their destiny may be. They have a dream in mind. They have a passion they want to live out loud and they make sure the boat heads that direction. Drifters have less chance to fight against the currents with success. They are often tossed and turned, taking hits from all directions. Those hits sometimes being hard to bounce back from. Sailors have greater chances in overcoming the heavy rains, the choppy waters, the unforeseen challenges that will be present in their life.

I’ve always considered myself to be a sailor, although I’ve had to learn how to not drift away sometimes. I have to keep turning the wheel. I can’t become complacent or comfortable with my position or the state of my passion. I urge you to do the same. If you’re already a sailor, keep sailing. If you’re more of a drifter, grab the wheel of that boat. Get off the raft and step on the boat and guide your life long dreams. You are the captain of your happiness. Make your life meaningful and clear in purpose!


Wrong Utensil?

utensils“The happiness of your life solely depends on your reactions to what is served on your plate. We don’t always get to choose our plates. But how we accept those plates defines how well we accept life. The positive acceptance of life, be it good or bad, determines how we value happiness in our lives. Choose which utensil you will use to make it the next day’s serving.”

Yesterday I wrote this status on my FB page. It spoke on the fact that life throws what it chooses at us, but we determine how we accept, maneuver, and proceed past what’s been thrown. Whether life gives you candy or onions, the one constant factor remains that your reaction determines your level of happiness.

You can only respond best to something when you’re using the right tool to do so. For instance, taking into consideration my status, life serves you what it wants. You don’t always get to choose to eat steak, lobster, and sushi every day. Some days life chooses to serve you ramen noodles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or sardines. With each serving a different utensil is required. For example, with ramen noodles, you clearly can’t use a spoon, it just won’t work. You have no choice, but to use a fork to be able to eat it. That’s if you want to eat it with the least trouble. And I’ve never seen anyone eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a fork. Most folks (I say most because you never know) eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with their bare hands. And even with the most delectable servings your choice of utensil matters. With a steak you need more than one utensil to be able to enjoy it. With lobster maybe just a fork, and with sushi, your choice of utensil may be chop sticks. Some things require more attention or more complexity than others. With either serving, being the most or least expensive or desirable, how you’re prepared to savor each bite or make it to the next serving clearly matters. Life is no different. Your attitude and acceptance of life is no different. Choose to use a positive attitude, or positively accept what happens, what appears, what transpires from life and you’ll find it to be more fulfilling. The lessons will become more appreciative. Your attitude is your utensil.

Live life with a passion for taking it on with the best utensil ever created, your positive attitude!

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