StopThere is absolutely no way you will have long-term, substantial, positive outcomes when you think negatively.

Today’s post is all about that one statement.

Before I was able to begin my journey as Author Christin Webb, I unknowingly thought against myself. What’s thinking against yourself? I call it creating poor or undesired outcomes for self all because of the thoughts that are embedded within are not nurturing for goodness to happen. I often defeated myself from becoming an author before I even took the necessary steps. I assumed it couldn’t happen. I was convinced it wouldn’t happen. I questioned my ability to truly become Author Christin Webb. I kept myself from my passion; my goals. I laugh about it today because now that I have accomplished that passionate goal, I realize I just needed to feed myself with nothing but good thoughts to make it happen. I had to accept and act on the idea that my passion; my purpose was greater than any negative possibility; any perceived limitation.

Everyone has a purpose. That purpose was created to be lived out. However, you have to nurture that purpose. You have to feed it positivity. That purpose won’t ever be maximized if you don’t constantly, consistently, and persistently speak and act positive energy into it. Consider your thoughts about your purpose to be a long paved road you travel. That road has some speed bumps here and there. When you get to the speed bumps, the sidewalks and opposite traffic don’t afford you the choice to go around. You have no other option but to go over the speed bumps; that’s if you want to keep going down the road. You may decide that the speed bumps are too hard of a challenge to overcome. Maybe you feel they are too annoying to keep going up and down over just to get to the other side. You may even question why the heck they even exist. The point will still remain, however that if you don’t go over the speed bump, each and every one of them; if you don’t change your mind about how you will address each one; you’ll just remain stuck in a place that is stagnant. Your purpose will never expand. Your purpose may never grow.

Stop being self-defeating. Stop creating speed bumps for your life. Figure out ways to move forward by positive thought. A quote I want to leave with you today is one my father always shared with me, “If you can’t change your situation, change your mind about it.” Realize that your purpose is greater than any negative possibility; any perceived limitation.