Daily on my Facebook fan page, Author Christin Webb, I post inspirational status’ about life and living your passion. I usually title the post, “Today’s Thought For Life” or “Passion Living”. In today’s post, I was compelled to mention the importance of sharing your gifts and talents.

“Today’s Thought For Life: Your life, your talents, your gifts were meant to be shared with others. Just imagine if everyone used their inherited blessings with others how much more meaningful and purposeful our lives could be. Share yourself today! Be something for someone else.”

I am so amazed at the fact that each and every person that breathes life has a purpose, a gift, a talents, something to share with others. God did His thing when he created each person. There was specific purpose birth in everyone. It only seems right that the purpose be shared with others. It only makes sense that the purpose be used to positively impact the lives of others. What is your passion? What is your purpose? It’s fulfilling to live your passion out loud, but even more fulfilling when living it out loud includes influencing others lives. Share your passion with others. Imagine if everyone fed off of each others’ passions. Imagine if the world revolved around the positive influence of others that we interact with, follow, aspire to be every day. Would everyone be stronger? Wiser? More in tune with themselves and one another? More open?

Today I challenge you to begin sharing your passion or passions with someone else. Maybe there is a neighborhood kid that could benefit from knowing about your passion. Could there be a coworker that needs to be inspired by your passion; a friend, or even family member? Start today! You may just be surprised how the act can catch on and you’ll find yourself being inspired and motivated by others to continue your passion or find a new one altogether!

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