pionting fingerIt’s so easy to say it’s someone or something that is keeping you from following your passion. The real and undeniable truth is that YOU are the only person that keeps you from following your passion. It is so that some circumstances may delay your ability or cause you to maneuver a new plan to follow your passion, but the circumstances don’t have to take away your potential in following your passion(s) altogether. At the end of the day, blaming a person, thing, or situation is merely an excuse for why you have not followed your passion.

Take a friend of mine, I will call him Richard. Richard played football in high school and it was hands down one of his greatest passions. He had dreams of moving on to higher levels of playing the sport, but in his senior year, his life took a turn. He was injured during a football game and it left him unable to play the sport from that point forward. I haven’t known him as long as his journey to recovering and rebuilding has taken place, but since I’ve gotten to know him he has clearly allowed me to see that excuses and the blame game are for the weak-minded only. Since his injury, he hasn’t played football again, but he has maneuvered his passion by speaking with other aspiring football players and even coaching football. He could have easily blamed his injury for the reason he couldn’t follow his passion. He could have come up with excuses and gave up, but he never allowed his circumstances to keep him from following his passion. He is a prime example of moving forward regardless of what looks like should be your hold up.

What you did yesterday or what you do today; how you respond to your circumstances determines your future. If you truly want to live your passion out loud then make your excuses a thing of the past. Tell your excuses goodbye. Never allow your lips to blame another person or thing for why you haven’t been able to follow your passion. Maybe now isn’t the time because of your circumstances, but it doesn’t mean tomorrow isn’t the day it will all come together.

Stay positive, stay focused, and as always, continue LIVING YOUR PASSION OUT LOUD!