DreamsAs the half way mark of 2013 hits, I found it important that I revisit the goals that I established for myself. Some of those goals rolled over from 2012 and others were created specifically for this year. Some of my goals I hadn’t even set, but I stumbled upon them from following other defined goals. I often state that your goals are bi-products of your dreams. My goals are birth from my dreams. The thoughts that exist in my head that make me smile, that give me a strong desire to be happy and fulfilled. To have a real grasp on your goals you have to be a DREAMER. You have to believe in yourself. You have to see the future as bright and full of possibilities. To be a dreamer is ongoing and never-ending. Being a dreamer creates avenues for positive outcomes and happiness. Today I wanted to share what I felt being a D.R.E.A.M.E.R. meant. Check it out. And as always comment to share your thoughts on being a D.R.E.A.M.E.R.

D – Be DETERMINED to achieve the things you set out to do regardless of the
challenges that may be present. You must be persistent, relentless, and consistent in following your dreams.

R – REALISTICALLY define what your dreams in life are. Know that there are some
pros and cons to most anything and determine what you’re willing to work hard for.

E – EXPECT the unexpected. Unfortunately, you’re more than likely NOT a psychic, but you can be best prepared for anything. Be ready for the unknown. Take each unexpected situation with stride. Accept them, plan on how to handle each and move forward.

A – ALWAYS hold on to your dreams. Even with all the unexpected things that occur in life, it is your responsibility to self to focus on your dreams. Never let anyone or anything keep you too far off track from following your dreams.

M – MEDITATE and constantly plan for your dreams. Constantly reflect and work towards being as insightful about your dreams as possible.

E – ENTERTAIN any opportunity that could open more doors for your dreams. Sometimes we let good things pass us by because we weren’t in tune with ourselves or we were skeptical of how things would turn out. Assess any opportunity that presents itself. Don’t turn your back on it because you’re not as familiar with it.

R – REMEMBER you are nothing without your dreams. You are not complete without your goals and things that define your happiness.