Thinking Against Self…

There is absolutely no way you will have long-term, substantial, positive outcomes when you think negatively. Today’s post is all about that one statement. Before I was able to begin my journey as Author Christin Webb, I unknowingly thought against myself. What’s thinking against yourself? I call it creating poor or undesired outcomes for selfContinue reading “Thinking Against Self…”

Don’t Be Selfish…

Daily on my Facebook fan page, Author Christin Webb, I post inspirational status’ about life and living your passion. I usually title the post, “Today’s Thought For Life” or “Passion Living”. In today’s post, I was compelled to mention the importance of sharing your gifts and talents. “Today’s Thought For Life: Your life, your talents,Continue reading “Don’t Be Selfish…”

The Blame Game

It’s so easy to say it’s someone or something that is keeping you from following your passion. The real and undeniable truth is that YOU are the only person that keeps you from following your passion. It is so that some circumstances may delay your ability or cause you to maneuver a new plan toContinue reading “The Blame Game”

Be a D.R.E.A.M.E.R.

As the half way mark of 2013 hits, I found it important that I revisit the goals that I established for myself. Some of those goals rolled over from 2012 and others were created specifically for this year. Some of my goals I hadn’t even set, but I stumbled upon them from following other definedContinue reading “Be a D.R.E.A.M.E.R.”