bandaidsYesterday I was hesitantly anticipating the removal of one of my wisdom teeth. I’ve had one removed in the past and the experience was less than comfortable. I remembered the previous extraction so much that I just knew getting the tooth pulled on yesterday would be just the same. To my surprise, it wasn’t. What made the difference? It could have been the location of the wisdom tooth or it could have been the dentist (as I chose not to return to the previous dentist that pulled my last wisdom tooth).

Either way I was nervous for no reason.

It led me to think how our past challenges sometimes keep us on edge about how the future will turn out. Just because the last similar situation turned out uncomfortable, doesn’t mean the next one will. This morning I woke up with minimal pain. I even went running and walking on the river. The last time I had a wisdom tooth pulled, I was out of commission for about two days. Talk about a world of difference.

When you’re working towards living your passion(s) out loud, don’t be deterred or disappointed when some of your efforts don’t end the way you’d like them. It could have been all about timing. It could be your next plan will be even tighter than before. It could be that the last challenge won’t even exist the next time around. Keep in mind that your next efforts may be just the ones that catapult you into your greatest season! Don’t give up on your passion. Never let it go!