arthur webbPassions are birth from some moment of exposure. Whether the exposure be a person or a thing, an event or events; passions are the result of observing or experiencing something or someone and being influenced to take action in your own life. You become inspired and motivated to take on your passion after seeing how they can positively affect your life and the lives of others. Those moments of exposure may not have an immediate effect, you may not even do anything with the exposure right away, but it can possibly serve as a foundation for later actions.

For me, my inspiration for writing originated with my father. He became my first point of reference for how I was and am inspired to write. That’s all I saw the man do practically; write. He would always be at a computer or with pen and pad in hand, taking notes, developing his thoughts, and turning them into pieces for many readers to enjoy. I found it interesting that a person could take what they felt or how they thought and breathe life into it. This past Father’s Day I found myself reflecting on the influence he had in my life. His writing abilities helped shape my passion. His encouragement to throw myself into my writing pushes me every day. He’s now deceased but his influence is still the inspiration for why I find so much fulfillment in being a writer. I didn’t initially see how my exposure to his writing would fuel mine, but sure enough it only took a few years for my passion to be birth. As the years continue there are other things that inspire me to continue to write, but the one thing I’ve learned is that the inspiration has to be there. There has to be some underlying force that pushes you into continuing to live out your passion otherwise, it’s easy to walk away from it.

I don’t ever want to walk away from my passion. I’m always reminding myself of why I write, what my purpose in writing is. My goal will continue to be to keep my inspiration for my passion in the forethought of my mind. I encourage you to do the same as you follow your passion; your dreams.