mentor signIt’s great to have an idea. It’s great to have a passion. It’s even more awesome to have a plan in place to follow your passion out loud! I’ve always known I wanted to write. To what degree I’d write wasn’t as clear, but once I decided I wanted to do it professionally, there became a different level of requirements for me in order to do it successfully. Before I wanted to become a professional writer I didn’t have to consult with anyone or gain advice on how to best do it. I just wrote. True enough, I’d research and remember what I was taught in school about grammar, technical writing, writing styles, etc., but consulting with someone was not as necessitated.

On my journey to becoming Author Christin Webb, I quickly learned that I needed someone or people to reference to gain their expertise, their advice, their guidance for me to move forward with as few road blocks as possible. I started networking with some local published authors and my editor even became a great influence in how I’d approach my writing and my future as an author. I’ve never believed in reinventing the wheel, so I knew I couldn’t go through the process alone. I needed someone to help me make the wheel fit my passion.

As you begin or continue following your passion, don’t forget to start seeking out and/or observing those positive influences of people that are in your field or have great insight to your passion. No one ever became a success without a mentor; without guidance and advisement. Meet with them regularly, whether formally or informally. Take notes from everything they say. Create action plans from their advice. Incorporate their expertise into your plans and find that your plan will be even more tightly sealed than you could without their expertise.

I often neglect to mention this, but when you start your process from this tip on gaining mentors for your passion, feel free to come back by the post and share your experience, your successes. We can all learn from each other and best Live Our Passions Out Loud!