myhand tappingToday’s blog post came to me like a dart against an aiming post. After two months of searching and looking and tearing up various spaces in my apartment, I FINALLY found my jump drives. I’ve had two that for approximately five years, I’d been able to maintain all of my writings, personal notes, business plans, letters, etc. on it…. There was something inside of me that was unsettled for the last two months they were lost. I’d checked the same purses, drawers, etc repeatedly and each time came up short to my hunt. During my residential move, I’d finally given up on finding them and accepted the fact that I’d finally lost them. I kept them with me every where I went, for I never knew when I would write or need to save something important. Two days ago, while looking for some bobby pins in a purse I hadn’t been using (for about two months) and the same one that I’d searched repeatedly, I found them. Talk about ELATED!!!!!!! No one had stolen them (as I would sometimes suspect). I hadn’t lost them, just misplaced them. They were right under my nose the entire time. All I had to do was stop forcing the find and look what happened. They revealed themselves to me.

Rewind about a week ago to a conversation I had with one of my daughter’s dance class moms. We were talking about random life ideologies as we waited for our children during the rehearsal of their recital. Somehow the conversation turned to my work as an author. She was fascinated with what I’d accomplished and began probing me with questions on how I came into myself as an author. She was intrigued that I’d found something that made me completely happy in life and I was able to capitalize on it. She stated, “I don’t know what makes me happy. I don’t know what my passion is.” I also argue this point because I find that passions are often right under our noses. It is very probable that the passion may be buried deep under a stack of unrelated responsibilities and demands from life, but they are often there. We may have to think back to our childhood, or teenage years. We may even just have to step outside of our comfort zones with something of intrigue prods its little head from a burrow. It’s about tapping into our passions. I shared these thoughts with her and she seemed a bit inspired. I hoped that when she left my presence it became a part of her continued desire to find happiness outside of her child, her husband, family, and career. She did seem to be missing something and I hoped she found it.

My jump drives were right under my nose. They were right at my finger tips. I just had to take the time to let the moment come that I’d find them. I’m glad I did because now I can rest well at night. And my intent every day that someone may read this blog is that they are encouraged to tap into their passion. I desire that they continue or begin searching for that one or many things of happiness that can not be stripped away by anyone or anything. It’s not easy, but hopefully they will and so will I continue to TAP. TAP. TAP.

Until the next posting, LIVE YOUR PASSION OUT LOUD!