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June 2013

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt

bandaidsYesterday I was hesitantly anticipating the removal of one of my wisdom teeth. I’ve had one removed in the past and the experience was less than comfortable. I remembered the previous extraction so much that I just knew getting the tooth pulled on yesterday would be just the same. To my surprise, it wasn’t. What made the difference? It could have been the location of the wisdom tooth or it could have been the dentist (as I chose not to return to the previous dentist that pulled my last wisdom tooth).

Either way I was nervous for no reason.

It led me to think how our past challenges sometimes keep us on edge about how the future will turn out. Just because the last similar situation turned out uncomfortable, doesn’t mean the next one will. This morning I woke up with minimal pain. I even went running and walking on the river. The last time I had a wisdom tooth pulled, I was out of commission for about two days. Talk about a world of difference.

When you’re working towards living your passion(s) out loud, don’t be deterred or disappointed when some of your efforts don’t end the way you’d like them. It could have been all about timing. It could be your next plan will be even tighter than before. It could be that the last challenge won’t even exist the next time around. Keep in mind that your next efforts may be just the ones that catapult you into your greatest season! Don’t give up on your passion. Never let it go!


Let Go and Live Your Passion Out Loud…

storage doorsToday marks a new day for me. To some, the marking may be a bit miniscule, minor, unimportant. To me, it signifies that I have finally let go of my grieving past. In 2006, I lost my best friend who happened to be my father, Arthur Webb. I was devastated by his passing. I believe sometimes we can lose someone or something and neglect the idea that we may have gained so much with the loss. I know I never considered this fact.

Following his death I was left with the task of packing up his house, getting rid of his belongings that my family chose not to keep, and somehow start my new life. I wasn’t sure how to do that. In fact, I wasn’t even sure how I was supposed to let go and get through my grieving. What did I do? I packed up practically all his belongings and placed them in a storage. I convinced myself that I would someday use the dining room set, the photos, ten foot long record player, and everything else that was stored in it. What did I end up doing in actuality? I ended up not really using anything that was in the storage. I gave the storage company approximately $7,000 because I couldn’t let go. It wasn’t just money that I gave away though, I spent a lot of energy not letting go; mentally abusing myself by believing that if I gave or sold his items, somehow I’d be in the wrong. More importantly, I blocked my ability to spend more energy towards my passion. The same passion that was instilled in me through my father. For a period of years following his death, I didn’t write, yet I tried to figure out how or why my father wasn’t in my life. It took me until just recently to realize that in his passing, I had the opportunity to realize what I’d gained.

This posting isn’t for everyone to understand, but more so for me to relinquish my past that I held captive in my heart. I will always love my father, but what I should’ve been holding on to was the idea of how I could and can move forward with my life to make him proud. I am able to take what he taught me and integrate it into my every day living. I have made him proud in the past, during his lifetime. I have made him proud in my past, since his passing. And I will continue to make him proud through my strength, drive, determination, and ability to remain resilient. On this day, June 27, 2013, I can say I no longer have possession of the storage. I got rid of everything on yesterday. I don’t feel bad about it. I feel empowered and ready for the world. Today I can say that I have learned I can make it through even some of the toughest times in my life and come out of them stronger than before.

Bye Extra Space Storage and hello to the rest of my life!

Beating Alone…

What are you doing today? Have you written out your to-do list for the day or the week? Did it include at least one action item that was directed towards your passion? If not, what are you waiting on? If your to-do list included at least one action or more, you’re on the right track. Keep it up.

Today is no better than any to begin or continue your journey to happiness! What’s happiness you ask? It’s your realization of your passion and action(s) of living your passion out loud. I like to say passions are important to the essence of human sanity. Without passion(s), the heart is dependent on people or things to make it content. With passions, the heart has the ability to beat on its on. Do what you need to do to begin or continue that path of following your passion. You should not allow a person, a thing, or a situation to keep you from that. Living your passion out loud may not be easy, but well worth the effort. Give your happiness a chance of existing…

Passion Inspiration…

arthur webbPassions are birth from some moment of exposure. Whether the exposure be a person or a thing, an event or events; passions are the result of observing or experiencing something or someone and being influenced to take action in your own life. You become inspired and motivated to take on your passion after seeing how they can positively affect your life and the lives of others. Those moments of exposure may not have an immediate effect, you may not even do anything with the exposure right away, but it can possibly serve as a foundation for later actions.

For me, my inspiration for writing originated with my father. He became my first point of reference for how I was and am inspired to write. That’s all I saw the man do practically; write. He would always be at a computer or with pen and pad in hand, taking notes, developing his thoughts, and turning them into pieces for many readers to enjoy. I found it interesting that a person could take what they felt or how they thought and breathe life into it. This past Father’s Day I found myself reflecting on the influence he had in my life. His writing abilities helped shape my passion. His encouragement to throw myself into my writing pushes me every day. He’s now deceased but his influence is still the inspiration for why I find so much fulfillment in being a writer. I didn’t initially see how my exposure to his writing would fuel mine, but sure enough it only took a few years for my passion to be birth. As the years continue there are other things that inspire me to continue to write, but the one thing I’ve learned is that the inspiration has to be there. There has to be some underlying force that pushes you into continuing to live out your passion otherwise, it’s easy to walk away from it.

I don’t ever want to walk away from my passion. I’m always reminding myself of why I write, what my purpose in writing is. My goal will continue to be to keep my inspiration for my passion in the forethought of my mind. I encourage you to do the same as you follow your passion; your dreams.

Your Passion Guide

mentor signIt’s great to have an idea. It’s great to have a passion. It’s even more awesome to have a plan in place to follow your passion out loud! I’ve always known I wanted to write. To what degree I’d write wasn’t as clear, but once I decided I wanted to do it professionally, there became a different level of requirements for me in order to do it successfully. Before I wanted to become a professional writer I didn’t have to consult with anyone or gain advice on how to best do it. I just wrote. True enough, I’d research and remember what I was taught in school about grammar, technical writing, writing styles, etc., but consulting with someone was not as necessitated.

On my journey to becoming Author Christin Webb, I quickly learned that I needed someone or people to reference to gain their expertise, their advice, their guidance for me to move forward with as few road blocks as possible. I started networking with some local published authors and my editor even became a great influence in how I’d approach my writing and my future as an author. I’ve never believed in reinventing the wheel, so I knew I couldn’t go through the process alone. I needed someone to help me make the wheel fit my passion.

As you begin or continue following your passion, don’t forget to start seeking out and/or observing those positive influences of people that are in your field or have great insight to your passion. No one ever became a success without a mentor; without guidance and advisement. Meet with them regularly, whether formally or informally. Take notes from everything they say. Create action plans from their advice. Incorporate their expertise into your plans and find that your plan will be even more tightly sealed than you could without their expertise.

I often neglect to mention this, but when you start your process from this tip on gaining mentors for your passion, feel free to come back by the post and share your experience, your successes. We can all learn from each other and best Live Our Passions Out Loud!

Sub-passion Flow…

Hey readers! Hope everyone is having a great day and looking forward to getting over this day with much success!

I just love the fact that a passion doesn’t have to be singular in nature. In fact, I know plenty of people who have multiple passions. Some of those passions may be secondary in that they exist, but the level of passion may be just a little less than the first. For me, I LOVE writing, but I also love to sing! Singing would be my secondary or sub-passion!

I was sitting here thinking about an exciting upcoming event I’ll have the honor of attending this weekend. I was asked to open up the TVPPA Lineman’s Rodeo this Saturday, June 8, 2013 with my rendition of the National Anthem. I’m no Whitney Houston or anything, but I definitely can hold my on when I put forth the effort. And I’ll definitely give this event my all. I particularly love singing acapella, which is what I’ll be doing with the National Anthem. I’ll have a chance to show my talent and feel good doing it!

Want to see what I’m working with? Check out a YouTube video I put together of me singing, ‘Amazing Grace’ last year.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

myhand tappingToday’s blog post came to me like a dart against an aiming post. After two months of searching and looking and tearing up various spaces in my apartment, I FINALLY found my jump drives. I’ve had two that for approximately five years, I’d been able to maintain all of my writings, personal notes, business plans, letters, etc. on it…. There was something inside of me that was unsettled for the last two months they were lost. I’d checked the same purses, drawers, etc repeatedly and each time came up short to my hunt. During my residential move, I’d finally given up on finding them and accepted the fact that I’d finally lost them. I kept them with me every where I went, for I never knew when I would write or need to save something important. Two days ago, while looking for some bobby pins in a purse I hadn’t been using (for about two months) and the same one that I’d searched repeatedly, I found them. Talk about ELATED!!!!!!! No one had stolen them (as I would sometimes suspect). I hadn’t lost them, just misplaced them. They were right under my nose the entire time. All I had to do was stop forcing the find and look what happened. They revealed themselves to me.

Rewind about a week ago to a conversation I had with one of my daughter’s dance class moms. We were talking about random life ideologies as we waited for our children during the rehearsal of their recital. Somehow the conversation turned to my work as an author. She was fascinated with what I’d accomplished and began probing me with questions on how I came into myself as an author. She was intrigued that I’d found something that made me completely happy in life and I was able to capitalize on it. She stated, “I don’t know what makes me happy. I don’t know what my passion is.” I also argue this point because I find that passions are often right under our noses. It is very probable that the passion may be buried deep under a stack of unrelated responsibilities and demands from life, but they are often there. We may have to think back to our childhood, or teenage years. We may even just have to step outside of our comfort zones with something of intrigue prods its little head from a burrow. It’s about tapping into our passions. I shared these thoughts with her and she seemed a bit inspired. I hoped that when she left my presence it became a part of her continued desire to find happiness outside of her child, her husband, family, and career. She did seem to be missing something and I hoped she found it.

My jump drives were right under my nose. They were right at my finger tips. I just had to take the time to let the moment come that I’d find them. I’m glad I did because now I can rest well at night. And my intent every day that someone may read this blog is that they are encouraged to tap into their passion. I desire that they continue or begin searching for that one or many things of happiness that can not be stripped away by anyone or anything. It’s not easy, but hopefully they will and so will I continue to TAP. TAP. TAP.

Until the next posting, LIVE YOUR PASSION OUT LOUD!

Passion Success…

Me at Sisterhood ShowcaseHey Passionistas!!!!

This past week was pretty busy as I was preparing for an event that directly tied in with my passion. I was honored to be a featured author in the Author’s Pavilion hosted by the Pyramid Art, Books, and Custom Framing at the 2013 Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis, TN. During the showcase I was able to tell my story and share details about my fiction novel, “Enough Time”. The experience was a bit intimidating at first, as it would be the largest venue I’d been apart of as an author to date, but like most things I have to address, I took on the task head first and at the end of the day, I was SUCCESSFUL!

It’s moments like those at the showcase that confirm I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I love speaking. I love sharing my personal story. I love writing. I love networking. I love meeting new people. I love inspiring myself and others. And somehow I’m able to tie all of that together as Author Christin Webb! What better way to know that you’re headed down the right road than to see successes from your efforts.

The Preparation:

I spent about four weeks before the showcase, preparing for the event. I filled out the appropriate documentation, I gathered thoughts in my head on what I wanted to share and how I wanted to approach my story. I had to create and prepare my marketing aids. I had to select what excerpts I’d read that would keep the crowd interested. My preparation even included the finest detail as to what I’d wear (all the women readers understand this concern). It all came together.

The Presentation:

I had an opportunity to speak twice and solicit sales for my book. The first speaking opportunity was somewhat of a rough draft considering how I performed my second go around. Even after weeks of practicing I did have some nerves I had to shake off. Heck, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve spoken in front of people, I always get nervous. But after my first run through I knew exactly what to do the second time and I nailed it. The moments were exhilarating and left me feeling almost perfect!

The Aftermath:

Now that I’ve gotten past one of my largest venues for displaying myself as Author Christin Webb, I feel even more motivated to take on more venues, do more speaking, share my story to almost anyone that will listen. 😉 My passion is mine and it feels good. It’s the first time in my life I feel 100% sure about what I’m doing. That’s how I know I’m doing it right. That’s how I know I will be doing this for a while. That’s how I know. As I write this post, I’m still smiling, still basking in my moments from days ago knowing that the days to come can feel just the same!

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