Oklahoma TornadoToday I just wanted to take a minute and reflect on those that have been affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. I want to acknowledge some of the lost, hurt, and pain that the families and loved ones of all those involved may be experiencing today and for years to come. I in no way can relate to what they may feel at this time. I have never been apart of a natural disaster that ripped away what I knew as a normal life. I will not attempt to pretend I know what kind of hurt and pain may exist in their hearts today. I can only pray that they find some sort of peace and refuge in knowing that today does not define what their tomorrow can and will be. I pray that the rebuilding of their hearts, their homes, their jobs, their schools, their every day conveniences comes sooner than later. I pray that while they may have lost someone or somethings that their faith is only stirred, not lost. I pray that the lost of family members do not create cold hearts but some type of understanding that their love was not in vain. I pray that with every challenge that may now present itself a reasonable solution appears in the near distance. I do not have family members affected, but my heart swells for them.

For those in Oklahoma and their families, life has definitely placed a halt; a pause; a great hurdle in the road. The fortunate thing may somehow still be that there is promise in their faith. There are many American cities that have seen nature’s relentless destruction, but today those same cities may see some light through their tunnels. I pray that Oklahoma have the same experience. Let this be a time where compassion from those in Oklahoma and across the nation be present and visible at all times. If you are not able to give; if you are not able to be present, to volunteer, or lend a hand in rescue or rebuilding; have an active praying spirit that this halt in their lives quickly pass.