Thank YouHappy Monday readers!

Today’s post is just a mere thank you for all your continued support of this blog! Its purpose is to inspire and encourage people to live out their passion(s) regardless of perceived limitations. Unsurprisingly, I’m more inspired each day and every time I write or post something to this site. The followers that I’ve gained to date keep me motivated to continue writing. The views of the site clearly define that I am on the right path in my life. I have seen my days of walking down the wrong path. Walking aimlessly and unknowingly lost. Like most people, sometimes we find ourselves going down the wrong path; seeking a happiness that is falsely defined in our heads.We are born with innate feelings that let you know what is true and good. That’s the feeling I have today and I never want to lose it. Thank you for making the happiness I get from this blog genuine and true for me. This kind of happiness only comes from being true to self and sticking to that!

You have to be in love with what you do; with the efforts of your passions. You have to be happy with you and the gifts that you possess whether known by others or not! After thirty-one years on this planet, I can finally say that I am just that.


Have a great week and continue living OUT LOUD!