This blog is all about the idea of following your passion; thereby finding and maintaining your happiness in life. A few weeks ago, I was afforded the opportunity to have another great lesson taught to me indirectly. I needed some work done on my car (which I’m sure you hear that a lot in my blogs – I’ll get a new car at some point when its appropriate). I laugh as I write that because it seems I gain a lot of lessons through my car. Who would’ve thunk it? Anyway, I digress, but its interesting what or who is used to teach us what we need to know.

ExcusesI needed a mechanic and I was introduced to a new one (we’ll call him George) that was able to fix the problem I was having on my car. As I approached him at the mechanic’s shop, I reached my right hand out to him to extend my handshake. While it was a bit awkward, he reached his left hand out to me to shake my hand. I thought it a bit odd, but it was then that I noticed that he was disable and that his right arm was affected by his disability. While he worked on my car, I quickly learned through our conversation that he was involved in a freak accident with a lawnmower that took away his ability to use his right arm. During our conversation, he didn’t complain or speak on his would’ve, should’ve, could’ve. However, he diligently worked on my car using his able arm. He went on and on about how working on cars had always been something he loved to do. He was once a bricklayer, but because of his accident he was unable to continue doing that, but he was able to follow another passion of his. I was astounded. While it may have taken him a little longer than the average mechanic, he fixed the problem on my car with no issues. He’d accepted his disability, but made it no excuse for following his passion. He had a family, his health, and was happy.

His situation just pointed out to me with even more meaning that there is nothing or should be nothing that holds a person back from going after their passion. Anything that we define as limitations to doing so are just excuses. He may not have been trying to teach me this point, but I’m so glad he did! What’s your excuse?