armorThis past weekend was almost a dud for me. I had a plan, but like most things in life, your plans may not be the plans of the universe. Everything happens for a reason and usually on a different timeline than your own. I had plans to continue unpacking my new place and write some new material. I also had a few mommy duties that I wanted to get completed. Now ask me was I able to do all of this and only these things and you’ll quickly find out the answer is no.

Life is like a battlefield. You suit up, plan a course of attack, and usually find something will take you off your course. When that happens, you have one or two choices; address the course head first or retreat back to base. Retreating has its perks. It’s less confrontational. It takes you to a place that is familiar and recognized. It may even be considered comfortable. However, facing the alternate course has even greater perks. You learn that there are other routes in life. Those routes then become familiar to you just as the course you planned.Your knowledge base of the ‘what could happen’ broadens and makes you more equipped for the next time a ‘new’ course appears.

This past weekend I was sure I would be able to do everything as planned, but quickly learned some new things. My car window went out and while I wasn’t a fan of having to figure out the most inexpensive way to have it fixed, I knew it had to be done. I could’ve sat at home and pouted, but I went into survival mode and began constructing a plan to have it fixed. I have somewhat of a nerdy spirit, so I was glad to have learned the inner workings of my car window. I was also introduced to a distant cousin of mine that was a mechanic. Had my window not gone out, I never would have had the opportunity to be introduced to more family members and more importantly, one that could be a resource for future car maintenance (I’ve got a nine-year old car that sometimes needs some attention). I could’ve lingered around the idea of the inconvenience the window had caused me or the positive fact that I now had an additional mechanic resource and more family members to reach out to and enjoy.

The going got tough, but I kept going.

When I finally got my window fixed, I was still left with some time to do what I’d planned. No, I didn’t get much writing done this weekend and the amount of unpacking I wanted to do didn’t necessarily go as planned. The bright side to all of this though is that my window is now working, my daughter had a chance to meet some of her cousins her age and play (which was all my mommy duties were about this weekend) and I was given a thought to share in this article! Sounds like a win to me.

Until the next post, find your passion and live it out loud!