Half-full or half-emptySo… It’s been a few days since I’ve last posted. The move I previously mentioned has finally been completed, but now the task  of unpacking is clearly on my radar. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff. I talked about purging and the positive impact it can have on your life and passion. I thought after I moved, I’d be done with getting rid of things, but the unpacking process has me rethinking and assessing what I truly need to keep. Not to mention my new space is just a little smaller than my last. This week alone, I’ve gotten rid of shoes that I know I won’t wear anymore, purses that have seen their last strap across my shoulder, old paperwork I thought I needed (my friend called me a paper hoarder) and more. I say all of that to say that purging should be ongoing. It’s a continued process that can help keep your mind refreshed and open.

As I have continued to unpack and gotten rid of things that I truly don’t need and/or want, I feel my brain clearing up. My drive for writing has increased. Prior to moving, I’d done very little of it outside of this blog space. I spent more time thinking about I’ve started writing this week, which is something I should do every day to keep my passion for writing on target. Once I’ve finished packing, I’ll continue to look for ways to reassess or free my head on a regular. I have at least two weeks before I finish unpacking and getting my new place in the order I desire it to be, but I’ll be that much more mentally open than before. I’ll continue to seek out opportunities to free up space in mind so that space can be better utilized; occupied by positive activity and thoughts. I’ll be more proactive about these opportunities rather than reactive. And I’m sure I’ll be glad I do.

Until next time ~ Continue living passionately and passionately living out loud!