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May 2013

Continuing the Passionate Journey, Follow With Me…

book (2)Almost a year ago, I started this journey to become a published author. I promised myself that before I met my maker, I’d accomplish my life long goal of being known as Author Christin Webb. Four months from today will be my one year anniversary as an author and the journey feels better than I ever could have imagined. I’m feeling very reflective this morning about my journey. Less than four or five years ago, I walked my path of life aimlessly trying to fill voids that I, at the time, unknowingly knew existed. Now, every day my life is filled with a happiness I NEVER thought could exist. I spend my days planning on how to best promote my work. I use my nights to work on the next story that spins around in my creative head. And somewhere in between those days and nights I find my happiness. There was a time that I did nothing but self-destructing activities, putting myself and my future in harms way. I am overwhelmed at times now because my activities are so self-fulfilling; self-satisfying. It’s a great feeling!

I could go on and on aboutĀ  my happiness, but I’d rather you just continue following my journey with me. If you can ever do anything to actively show your support of me as Author Christin Webb, stop by or to purchase a copy of my first fiction novel, “Enough Time”. And maybe you can’t purchase a copy, feel free to share details about the book, where to get it, where I’ll be, etc. by visiting my personal website @!

Check out the official trailer for “Enough Time” at

Want to meet me in person, Sunday, June 2, 2013, I’ll be reading and signing books at the Sisterhood Showcase’s Author’s Corner hosted by Pyramid Art, Books, and Custom Framing from 1-2:30 and 5-6 p.m. I’d love to see you there!


Life’s Halts… *My Thoughts For Oklahoma*

Oklahoma TornadoToday I just wanted to take a minute and reflect on those that have been affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. I want to acknowledge some of the lost, hurt, and pain that the families and loved ones of all those involved may be experiencing today and for years to come. I in no way can relate to what they may feel at this time. I have never been apart of a natural disaster that ripped away what I knew as a normal life. I will not attempt to pretend I know what kind of hurt and pain may exist in their hearts today. I can only pray that they find some sort of peace and refuge in knowing that today does not define what their tomorrow can and will be. I pray that the rebuilding of their hearts, their homes, their jobs, their schools, their every day conveniences comes sooner than later. I pray that while they may have lost someone or somethings that their faith is only stirred, not lost. I pray that the lost of family members do not create cold hearts but some type of understanding that their love was not in vain. I pray that with every challenge that may now present itself a reasonable solution appears in the near distance. I do not have family members affected, but my heart swells for them.

For those in Oklahoma and their families, life has definitely placed a halt; a pause; a great hurdle in the road. The fortunate thing may somehow still be that there is promise in their faith. There are many American cities that have seen nature’s relentless destruction, but today those same cities may see some light through their tunnels. I pray that Oklahoma have the same experience. Let this be a time where compassion from those in Oklahoma and across the nation be present and visible at all times. If you are not able to give; if you are not able to be present, to volunteer, or lend a hand in rescue or rebuilding; have an active praying spirit that this halt in their lives quickly pass.

Passion Thanks!

Thank YouHappy Monday readers!

Today’s post is just a mere thank you for all your continued support of this blog! Its purpose is to inspire and encourage people to live out their passion(s) regardless of perceived limitations. Unsurprisingly, I’m more inspired each day and every time I write or post something to this site. The followers that I’ve gained to date keep me motivated to continue writing. The views of the site clearly define that I am on the right path in my life. I have seen my days of walking down the wrong path. Walking aimlessly and unknowingly lost. Like most people, sometimes we find ourselves going down the wrong path; seeking a happiness that is falsely defined in our heads.We are born with innate feelings that let you know what is true and good. That’s the feeling I have today and I never want to lose it. Thank you for making the happiness I get from this blog genuine and true for me. This kind of happiness only comes from being true to self and sticking to that!

You have to be in love with what you do; with the efforts of your passions. You have to be happy with you and the gifts that you possess whether known by others or not! After thirty-one years on this planet, I can finally say that I am just that.


Have a great week and continue living OUT LOUD!

Infinite Passion

InfinityWhether we like it or not, life will go on without us and time stands still for no one. They are both ongoing and never ending. Why not have the same attitude about the way you treat following your passion? Be relentless and persistent in following your passions. Every day of your life make it a point to put some sort of effort towards your passion. Treat it as though you will do whatever to follow it regardless of what goes on around you. Yes, there will be days that you won’t be able to actively follow your passion, but you can always be planning your next best move with it. Even if your passion isn’t your money maker, be intentional in your pursuit of it. It has to be a constant and consistent choice to follow it; practically infinite in your pursuit! Treat your passion as if there is no ending. Let it stand still for no one!

To infinity and beyond live your passion out loud!

What’s Your Excuse?

This blog is all about the idea of following your passion; thereby finding and maintaining your happiness in life. A few weeks ago, I was afforded the opportunity to have another great lesson taught to me indirectly. I needed some work done on my car (which I’m sure you hear that a lot in my blogs – I’ll get a new car at some point when its appropriate). I laugh as I write that because it seems I gain a lot of lessons through my car. Who would’ve thunk it? Anyway, I digress, but its interesting what or who is used to teach us what we need to know.

ExcusesI needed a mechanic and I was introduced to a new one (we’ll call him George) that was able to fix the problem I was having on my car. As I approached him at the mechanic’s shop, I reached my right hand out to him to extend my handshake. While it was a bit awkward, he reached his left hand out to me to shake my hand. I thought it a bit odd, but it was then that I noticed that he was disable and that his right arm was affected by his disability. While he worked on my car, I quickly learned through our conversation that he was involved in a freak accident with a lawnmower that took away his ability to use his right arm. During our conversation, he didn’t complain or speak on his would’ve, should’ve, could’ve. However, he diligently worked on my car using his able arm. He went on and on about how working on cars had always been something he loved to do. He was once a bricklayer, but because of his accident he was unable to continue doing that, but he was able to follow another passion of his. I was astounded. While it may have taken him a little longer than the average mechanic, he fixed the problem on my car with no issues. He’d accepted his disability, but made it no excuse for following his passion. He had a family, his health, and was happy.

His situation just pointed out to me with even more meaning that there is nothing or should be nothing that holds a person back from going after their passion. Anything that we define as limitations to doing so are just excuses. He may not have been trying to teach me this point, but I’m so glad he did! What’s your excuse?



As you know every Tuesday, I feature an interview on an every day person that I consider to be living their passion(s) out loud! Well this week I’ve taken a break from writing up any new interviews for the series, ‘Passion Living: In Living Color”. The experience so far has been very fulfilling and uplifting. I hope you’ve enjoyed all that have been presented to date. I am excited about the exposure the interviewees gain and how their stories possibly encourage others to intentionally follow their passions.

Missed a few of the past interviews? Check them out below! Be sure to keep a look out for upcoming interviews in the following weeks! And of course, continue PASSION LIVING OUT LOUD!

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When the Going Gets __________, Keep Going…

armorThis past weekend was almost a dud for me. I had a plan, but like most things in life, your plans may not be the plans of the universe. Everything happens for a reason and usually on a different timeline than your own. I had plans to continue unpacking my new place and write some new material. I also had a few mommy duties that I wanted to get completed. Now ask me was I able to do all of this and only these things and you’ll quickly find out the answer is no.

Life is like a battlefield. You suit up, plan a course of attack, and usually find something will take you off your course. When that happens, you have one or two choices; address the course head first or retreat back to base. Retreating has its perks. It’s less confrontational. It takes you to a place that is familiar and recognized. It may even be considered comfortable. However, facing the alternate course has even greater perks. You learn that there are other routes in life. Those routes then become familiar to you just as the course you planned.Your knowledge base of the ‘what could happen’ broadens and makes you more equipped for the next time a ‘new’ course appears.

This past weekend I was sure I would be able to do everything as planned, but quickly learned some new things. My car window went out and while I wasn’t a fan of having to figure out the most inexpensive way to have it fixed, I knew it had to be done. I could’ve sat at home and pouted, but I went into survival mode and began constructing a plan to have it fixed. I have somewhat of a nerdy spirit, so I was glad to have learned the inner workings of my car window. I was also introduced to a distant cousin of mine that was a mechanic. Had my window not gone out, I never would have had the opportunity to be introduced to more family members and more importantly, one that could be a resource for future car maintenance (I’ve got a nine-year old car that sometimes needs some attention). I could’ve lingered around the idea of the inconvenience the window had caused me or the positive fact that I now had an additional mechanic resource and more family members to reach out to and enjoy.

The going got tough, but I kept going.

When I finally got my window fixed, I was still left with some time to do what I’d planned. No, I didn’t get much writing done this weekend and the amount of unpacking I wanted to do didn’t necessarily go as planned. The bright side to all of this though is that my window is now working, my daughter had a chance to meet some of her cousins her age and play (which was all my mommy duties were about this weekend) and I was given a thought to share in this article! Sounds like a win to me.

Until the next post, find your passion and live it out loud!

Mental Occupancy

Half-full or half-emptySo… It’s been a few days since I’ve last posted. The move I previously mentioned has finally been completed, but now the taskĀ  of unpacking is clearly on my radar. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff. I talked about purging and the positive impact it can have on your life and passion. I thought after I moved, I’d be done with getting rid of things, but the unpacking process has me rethinking and assessing what I truly need to keep. Not to mention my new space is just a little smaller than my last. This week alone, I’ve gotten rid of shoes that I know I won’t wear anymore, purses that have seen their last strap across my shoulder, old paperwork I thought I needed (my friend called me a paper hoarder) and more. I say all of that to say that purging should be ongoing. It’s a continued process that can help keep your mind refreshed and open.

As I have continued to unpack and gotten rid of things that I truly don’t need and/or want, I feel my brain clearing up. My drive for writing has increased. Prior to moving, I’d done very little of it outside of this blog space. I spent more time thinking about I’ve started writing this week, which is something I should do every day to keep my passion for writing on target. Once I’ve finished packing, I’ll continue to look for ways to reassess or free my head on a regular. I have at least two weeks before I finish unpacking and getting my new place in the order I desire it to be, but I’ll be that much more mentally open than before. I’ll continue to seek out opportunities to free up space in mind so that space can be better utilized; occupied by positive activity and thoughts. I’ll be more proactive about these opportunities rather than reactive. And I’m sure I’ll be glad I do.

Until next time ~ Continue living passionately and passionately living out loud!

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