Continuing the Passionate Journey, Follow With Me…

Almost a year ago, I started this journey to become a published author. I promised myself that before I met my maker, I’d accomplish my life long goal of being known as Author Christin Webb. Four months from today will be my one year anniversary as an author and the journey feels better than IContinue reading “Continuing the Passionate Journey, Follow With Me…”

Life’s Halts… *My Thoughts For Oklahoma*

Today I just wanted to take a minute and reflect on those that have been affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. I want to acknowledge some of the lost, hurt, and pain that the families and loved ones of all those involved may be experiencing today and for years toContinue reading “Life’s Halts… *My Thoughts For Oklahoma*”

Passion Thanks!

Happy Monday readers! Today’s post is just a mere thank you for all your continued support of this blog! Its purpose is to inspire and encourage people to live out their passion(s) regardless of perceived limitations. Unsurprisingly, I’m more inspired each day and every time I write or post something to this site. The followersContinue reading “Passion Thanks!”

Infinite Passion

Whether we like it or not, life will go on without us and time stands still for no one. They are both ongoing and never ending. Why not have the same attitude about the way you treat following your passion? Be relentless and persistent in following your passions. Every day of your life make itContinue reading “Infinite Passion”

What’s Your Excuse?

This blog is all about the idea of following your passion; thereby finding and maintaining your happiness in life. A few weeks ago, I was afforded the opportunity to have another great lesson taught to me indirectly. I needed some work done on my car (which I’m sure you hear that a lot in myContinue reading “What’s Your Excuse?”


As you know every Tuesday, I feature an interview on an every day person that I consider to be living their passion(s) out loud! Well this week I’ve taken a break from writing up any new interviews for the series, ‘Passion Living: In Living Color”. The experience so far has been very fulfilling and uplifting.Continue reading “PASSION LIVING: IN LIVING COLOR REWIND”

When the Going Gets __________, Keep Going…

This past weekend was almost a dud for me. I had a plan, but like most things in life, your plans may not be the plans of the universe. Everything happens for a reason and usually on a different timeline than your own. I had plans to continue unpacking my new place and write someContinue reading “When the Going Gets __________, Keep Going…”

Mental Occupancy

So… It’s been a few days since I’ve last posted. The move I previously mentioned has finally been completed, but now the taskĀ  of unpacking is clearly on my radar. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff. I talked about purging and the positive impact it can have on your life and passion. IContinue reading “Mental Occupancy”