empty roomTo purge means to become free of impurities; to rid self of unwanted/unnecessary distractions in our lives.

The word ‘purge’ has recently become a very regular part of my vocabulary. I’m coming to the close of my process of moving from one residence to the next. The process itself has been very daunting and in some cases discouraging. I’ve had to make list after list of things I need to get done before the move. I’ve been packing practically every day for the last two weeks. If I never see another cardboard box in my life, I’ll be grateful. However, I hope by the completion of my move, I’m able to look back on the process and just laugh or something close to it.

So, now I’m sure you’re asking yourself what the heck does my rant about hating the process for moving have to do with purging. I guess there is one aspect that I’m appreciating about the process. I could perceive to make things easy on myself and just throw everything in a box or bag; stuff it away without thinking twice about getting rid of it; take everything with me to my next destination. Or I could do what I’ve been doing so far and review what actually needs to move forward with me in my life.

I’m slightly a hoarder of some things by nature. I hate getting rid of paper, be it mail or letters from special someones. I consider most everything in my life a memory that I never want to let go. Because of that hoarding nature, I can build up and hold on to a lot of things that I probably should let go of as soon as I’ve seen it once. Since I’ve been throwing things away there’s been a rippling effect of mental freedom for me. My mind is more open and a little more clear. The purging of old things is actually going to make my move easier. It’s going to make the actual move more efficient. There will be less for me to carry on, less for me to find a space for to store it away in my new residence. In some respects, it’s going to cost me less in the end. When I move, my mind will be more free to focus on the things that really matter to me like my family and my passion. And all because I took the time to purge some things from my life.

Purging is necessary in our lives. Without doing so from time to time, your life will be cluttered from self-imposed actions. There is a cost for cluttered living. You sacrifice your state of mind, your happiness, your relationships, your level of efficiency, your capacity to take on things head first in life. Have there ever been moments in your life that left you feeling cluttered, distracted from your main purpose or goal? Find out what you can make room for. Maybe there are some areas in your life that need purging, freeing. Don’t let the lack of purging limit your possibilities of happiness.