stir the pot“That looks and smells so good. Let me taste what you’re cooking in that pot you’re stirring. Better yet, let me use your spoon so I can stir my own pot.”

Have you ever been at someone’s house or even your own and the food that was cooking just smelled so good? You couldn’t wait for the food to be ready. You may have even asked to taste a little bit of it. Heck, you could have even been the person cooking and just couldn’t wait to serve the food, so you tasted the goodness of what was in your pot before everyone else.  Your passion is your pot of happiness. It is the outlet in which you can find refuge to encourage and motivate you. When you begin to live your passion out loud, your happiness will flow so heavily that others will see the difference in your life. As a matter of a fact, they will want some of what is making you happy. They may ask to borrow your spoon, or your happiness. That’s part of the point though. We are created to help others, to positively influence the lives of others.

When you follow your passion, you are more whole than ever before. You begin to understand that you hold the key to your happiness. In the case of this post, you hold the spoon to stir happiness in your life. The daily living out of your passion is like stirring your happiness up; keeping your life from becoming sticky or undesirable. Similar to how you have to constantly stir pasta so the individual strands don’t stick to each other and become lumpy. Your passion and how it relates to your happiness in life is no different. You have to constantly stir your passion around, keep working at it, keep perfecting it.

Just think about how good spaghetti is after you’ve stirred it and it is blended with the rest of its ingredients. The other ingredients can be considered the people around you. Maybe your children, your spouse or significant others, your church or organization’s family. Because of how well you’ve stirred your pot, they want to be apart of your journey. They see how tender the strands are, or how happy you have become from living out your passion. They may even want to create their own pot of spaghetti. They will want to get in on the goodness you’ve found. Because you’ve created an environment of happiness, you can better interact, involve, and influence others in your life.

Stir your pot and don’t stop stirring. Your happiness will rub off on others to find their own!