molding clayI thought a unique way to consider following your passion(s) was to think of it in terms of molding clay. Think of your favorite decorative vase that sits in the center of your coffee table or that flower pot that holds the plants that you work effortlessly to keep alive. The time it took to make the vase or the flower pot was extensive; tedious even. The person that put their muscle into shaping it to be the admirable piece that you love had to be patient. They had to be diligent and persistent in shaping it to perfect form. If they wanted to see a complete and finished product, they couldn’t give up. Even when the clay seemed to remain stubbornly uneven, without the consistent molding of the clay, the vase or flower pot would never be.  During each stage of the molding, the potter may find themselves re-molding portions of the clay they’d already formed. There is an end to the process, but the process itself includes refining the clay at various points.

Defining and refining your passion is so important in terms of finding your happiness in life. You may have determined what your passion is; be it cooking, dancing, writing, singing, or helping others.  You can always refine your passion. You always have the opportunity to continuously develop and shape your passion. Yes, you may have found your happiness, but life can so easily bend us and try to reshape us into forms we desire not to be. Every day you should be re-evaluating your passion, reviewing it, studying it, making it better than before. Don’t be discouraged when following your passion reveals some challenges. You will have to smooth out the areas that may sometimes leave bubbles or air holes in your life. Following your passion is no different.

Continue molding your passion. Make it your best work yet!