Hi All! I want to sing and dance! Today is Friday, the end of the work week for me, and I am too excited! Why? Because the weekends are usually the best days for me to take advantage of working on my passion-writing. This weekend I’ll be doing just that, whether its writing a new story, preparing interviews for this blog, or doing production on my latest screen write.

So… what is this post about today? I’m going to put my passion on display. You can check out a few of my past and current projects below. Since 2010, I’ve been like a tornado; consuming and exuding all that my passion is within me.

Blog Cover PageFirst up… In 2010, I entered the ‘blog-sphere’ and started my short fiction blog,   “Is It Real?”. On the blog, each reader can find short fiction pieces that I’ve written. There used to be about fifty listed, but then I got the great idea to turn those short stories into one of my upcoming books! That being said, now you can find about ten or so short, fiction stories on the blog. The blog was initially my way of being continuous in my writing; attempting to become more proficient in my passion. I wanted to get better at my writing, by putting my thoughts on the screen with little editing to see what I came up with. I wanted to see my writing as raw as possible. The other purpose of the blog is to create a space where readers can be entertained by the short fiction, but also positively affected to the point of wanting to be more introspective and become better individuals. It’s titled “Is It Real?” because I feel life should always consist of substance. It’s easy for individuals to be caught up in false importance in life, but it’s more rewarding to live by what truly matters. By late, 2010, I was able to reach a larger audience and build a small fan base! You can visit my blog, “Is It Real?” at www.isitarealone.blogspot.com!

book (2)Secondly, in 2012, I finally self-published my greatest work to date (or so I consider it to be), “Enough Time”. It’s a fiction novel that follows the lives of Rhea Dudley, Julian Jones, and Sonja Tremmel. While their stories follow very different paths, they all are seeking redemption; looking for the newness in themselves and lives. Rhea Dudley, a young, married teacher is used to appeasing other, but not giving herself what she deserves. While trying to find her voice throughout the pain and hurt that is thrown her way, she learns she is more independent and stronger than she’d ever believed. Julian Jones, is a top finance executive, that was once rejected by his family based on his chosen lifestyle. He finds himself trying to fill his paternal void in all the wrong places and because of that, learns a lot of lessons the hard way until he is able to forgive and move forward. Lastly, Sonja Tremmel is a young mother that is struggling between addictions, lack of trust, and betrayal from friends, family, and the like. Once she decides she wants a better life for herself and her child, the doors for redemption push her into a world of redemption. “Enough Time” is available on www.amazon.com in print and also in eBook versions by any online eBook retailer. For more details about the book, to include a book trailer, excerpts, interviews and more, visit my website @ www.christinwebb.com!

photo(1)And lastly, as if the first two weren’t enough (especially when considering I maintain this blog as well), I’ve been able to expand my passion into producing my first screen write titled, “Last Call”. Here’s a quick synopsis of the short film: “Last Call” follows Kyris, a single mom who is at the crossroads of life, as she embarks on a trip that will change her and her son’s life forever. Will the decisions she makes set the both of them on a path for a bright future…Or will they lead to a deeper darkness… This is my second time producing a film and definitely a new-found love that I will be sure to continue in the future. “Last Call”, filmed in Memphis, TN, is due to be finished in 2013 and will be submitted to multiple film festivals! The trailer for “Last Call” can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XdZ7TcACO5A.

Well, that’s about it! There are a few other things that I’ve got going on outside of my passion, but these should keep me pretty busy for now! Hope you enjoyed the quick promos and will follow, share, or comment about any or all of them!

Until the next post, LIVE YOUR PASSION OUT LOUD!