the world can seeYesterday I was on my Facebook page (, as I am most of every day. I love the avenue of sharing it provides and I definitely capitalize on it for my writing and other projects. Well, I wrote a status that is going to post today and it was tailored around publicly sharing your passion. When I wrote the status it was driven by the idea that even though your passion may not be created for others to see, it should still be followed.

It read as follows: “Living your passion out loud doesn’t mean you have to publicly display it, but it does mean you have to commit and carry it out with great intention!”

I thought it was even more important to discuss it in this article because I don’t want my readers to be mistaken about how I view the validity of a person’s passion. When I say “Passion Living Out Loud”, it doesn’t mean the passion has to be on display, it means it just has to be done. I think the post was self-explanatory, but I wanted to expound on it here. I’ll use the example of my passion to make it more personal. I began writing at the age of seven. At that time, I didn’t do it so that someone else could see it. Heck more times than not, I sat in a room, all alone, and just let the pen rummage the paper with all my childlike imagination. I didn’t write so that it could possibly be displayed in some book or on some social network site in 2013. Ha. I wrote because it made me happy. I sought out no one’s acceptance of it, nor pushed myself anymore so because of what someone would think of it. It made me feel whole in my happiness. It wasn’t until some years later that I desired to display it on a greater platform. That desire grew from the inception of defining my passion as writing. The point is, even when I was seven, my passion was writing. Not displaying it with others didn’t lessen what it was. I was committed and wanted to carry it out, intentionally. That’s what I think is ultimately important about living out your passion. Being intentional in making it happen. Like NIKE says, “Just Do It”.

A passion is no less a passion whether someone knows about it or not. No eyes are needed. No ears have to hear it. The passion remains viable within you either way. The validity of your passion resides within you as you define it. The icing on the cake, however, could be that when you do share it, you inspire others to follow theirs!

Continue living passionately and of course do it OUT LOUD!