impacting livesHello to all my readers! I am really enjoying my experience in working on this blog. It’s my second blog, but much different from my other one, “Is It Real?”. I hope everyone that has read some of the posts on here so far are finding them very meaningful and insightful. I created it solely to encourage readers to actively go after their passions; pursue them in full force.

It dawned on me this morning, that even though I, or should I say, we live out our passions to create a sense of happiness and fulfillment for ourselves, there is a counterpart to living out passions. Passions should benefit or have a positive effect on others. My passion of writing is usually created trying to not just entertain, but to make a point about life. When I write my short fiction, novels, or non-fiction, each piece is written to create an awareness of something; to possibly re-iterate some purposeful message about life. In my novel, “Enough Time”, while there is plenty of juicy plots of deception, lust, and more, the overall point of my book is to let the reader know that redemption actually exists; that people can start over and begin anew; that people can be better than yesterday and eventually what they were meant to become. If I don’t get but one reader to realize they can let go of an addiction, learn to love again, or that broken relationships can be mended, then my passion has positively impacted someone’s life. Even if your passion doesn’t directly speak on or display ways to become a better person, let it be the light for others to be driven to follow their dreams.

Make sure your passion directly or indirectly affects others positively. Let your passion be encouragement for others. Let it be a road map of endless possibilities for others to follow.

Live out a passion that lives for others!