passionThis blog is all about following your passion. Studying your passion. Becoming the best at following your passion. All of the previous and more in regards to YOUR passion. I put ‘your’ in caps because I think it’s important to stress that your passion belongs to YOU and no one else. You defined what your passion was. You decided how you’d go about following it; making it apart of your daily life. Whether you’re making money from it or not, you’ve decided that you want to feel complete, create a wholeness to a portion of happiness. Some people may not even understand why you’re following it, but it’s in you to do it.

A few days ago, I was in conversation with a ‘friend’ of mine. They were dead set on coming to visit me in the coming weeks, but to be honest, I just don’t see where my schedule will allow it. I’m all for relaxing and having fun, but here recently I’ve been all about my passion grind. A few years ago, I was doing nothing but having fun, not following my passion, and finding myself in such empty places. Now that I’ve begun living my passion out loud, I’ve found that my fun actually resides in my passion. Yes, I still do go out on the town here and there and travel when I can, but the feeling I get from writing and anything related to it, just can’t take a backseat sometimes. In the instance of this ‘friend’ of mine, I don’t think they really understand my passion and what it does for me. We spent a few minutes too long going back and forth on why I’d need to choose a better date for us to hang out down the road. I didn’t question my friend’s motive in support of my passion, but I did take a look internally at how strongly I felt about meeting deadlines I’d set for myself or following through on my passion related tasks and events. I wasn’t willing to let my passion take a backseat – at least not in that conversation and not for that visit.

My friend’s persistence made me think about how sometimes life, and the people in it, won’t understand the grind of your passion. They will try to persuade you to take a day off, a week off, heck in some instances, they may even tell you that your passion is a waste of time and not worth following. But is it worth it to you? Remember, if all it takes is someone or something to persuade you away from your passion, then you should ask yourself was it your passion to begin with? It truly could be, but you’ve got to be willing to sacrifice in some instances to hold on to it. I want to make my writing become something more phenomenal than myself. I’ll have other weekends to hang out. I’ll have other opportunities to go on this trip and that one. Some may argue that I won’t, but I’d argue that my passion is what makes me who I am – keeps me breathing – keeps me believing and motivated to make each day happen. To that friend, I love the time we spend, but until the time is right, I’ll keep on grinding for my passion.