energy in motionLook at yourself in the mirror and ask the hard questions. Do you truly want to follow your passion? Are you mentally prepared for what may seem like the challenges that will arise as you follow your passion? Sure you’ve finally defined what your passion was and yes you’re great at your passion, but do you truly want to put in the grit and grind to make it apart of your life?

You’ve always heard the saying, anything worth having is worth fighting for. It’s no less than the truth when it comes to following your passion. It’s like going after anything else you want in life. You’ll have to put in the hard work, the tears, the sweat, the grind. There will be disappointments, but the efforts to succeed must take place first. Yesterday I was thinking about this young lady I’m in contact with from time to time. She’s a very bright young lady with lots of potential. Whenever we see each other we discuss writing. She knows I am a writer and she wants to become a published writer. We share information and she inquires about the writing/publishing process. She repeatedly tells me what she’s going to do with her writing. We’ve been in contact for approximately three years now, but she still hasn’t quite started on her journey to becoming a published writer. I’ve read her work and she has the potential to be a great published writer.

Notice I said she has potential. I’d expand that to say she has a lot of potential energy. Potential energy is energy that is stored within an object. It isn’t necessarily being used, but it does exist. It lies dormant just waiting for something to use it. But what about her kinetic energy? According to physics, kinetic energy is energy in motion. It’s actually doing something with the energy that has been stored. It’s moving from point A to point B. In the case of following your passion, it’s actually taking the necessary steps to achieve the goals of your passion. An idea is just that until it’s implemented. Passion is almost useless if you’re not actually doing anything with it. It’s still passion, but imagine the feeling that is received when the potential that exists within it is actually used. To the young lady and others that are seeking to live out their passion, I strongly encourage you to take that first step in living that passion out loud. If you want to be a writer, write and submit it somewhere; start your own blog. If you’re a great cook, cook your dishes and solicit business to cater or sell your food. If you’re a singer, sing and find somewhere to perform. If you’re an artist, create your art, and find an avenue to share it. Don’t let your passions lie dormant. Don’t allow the potential they have to go nowhere but around in circles in your head. Do something with your passion today!

Be able to say you’re using your potential. Let people see your potential at work – in motion.