MP900402475 (1)Sometimes you can start out on one journey chasing after one dream, and stumble upon another journey. And even after you stumble upon that journey it can lead you down another road to a place you’d never dreamed of before. You may not have planned on taking that second or third journey. They sort of just appeared down the road as you traveled. They weren’t visible on your map when you first begun, as though you or someone forgot to tell you about them being ahead of you. The journey’s in themselves can all be positive exposures, equally fulfilling and satisfying. That’s what I think following your passion(s) can do for you. It’s a great feeling to be in search of one thing that will make you happy and learn along the way that there are many more things that can make you happy.

Case in point. As you’ll read so many times on this blog, my passion is writing. Now in my thirties, it’s something I’ve been doing since I was seven. Even in my writing, the journey has been full of twists and turns that led me down various roads. First I wrote poems. I consider poems to be one of the more simple forms of writing.  As I became more versed in writing, I began writing short plays, then longer plays, then short stories, and eventually novels. At each point of transitioning into a new form of writing, I’d say I was learning a new journey; stretching my limbs – growing within my passion.

A few months ago, after self-publishing my first novel, I went through another growth spurt. I needed a great marketing tool to help promote my book. I’d read about book trailers and knew I needed one to keep my book on the cutting edge of its market. A new door opened (keep in mind I mentioned in other posts that following your passion opens doors unseen) and I hooked up with a local director that helped co-produce the book trailer for “Enough Time”. During the entire process of filming the trailer, I had a new warmth in my blood take place. It was a feeling I couldn’t explain, but eventually learned that it was again my limbs stretching. Fast forward a bit and now I’m actually co-producing a short film I screen wrote from a short story of mine. When I was seven, I never imagined I’d be 31 and producing my own written work – my passion. Last night as I worked on another scene from the film, I realized that I’ve got to keep following my passion because I have no clue what other doors are going to open for me. I don’t know how strong my limbs are going to become or how far they are going to stretch, but the feeling is a good one that I want to continue exploring. This new journey is proof that passions can be expanded. Following your passions can become greater than the mind can imagine. You become stronger and find yourself going further.

I don’t have to be the next Quentin Tarantino or Tyler Perry, but I want to be the greatest Christin Webb. I want to be completely happy with the fact that I continue down my journey welcoming the next and the next; accepting all the challenges that come with it because they are only going to test my strength as I stretch further and further into my passions. Life is full of happiness. Sometimes you’ve just got to believe in at least one to travel to the next…

Are you stretching your limbs?