When was the last time you would say you failed at something? Was it yesterday, today, maybe it will be tomorrow. Let’s say it was when you didn’t get that last promotion you wanted. Or was it that cute man or woman you were rejected by when you asked for their number? Did your first business take a huge loss it’s first year? Failure is a part of life, but so is moving forward.

Maybe your perceived failed times or pitfalls were truly your moments of prevailing on to the next step; the greater step. They were your moments of progress to the next phase in life that you needed to be stronger for. Every time you think you’re going to bump your head or you actually do, it’s really that opportunity to toughen that sore spot to make it stronger. Here’s a weird, but perfect example. When my dad first got his dentures he hated them, especially when he ate. He hated them so much that eventually he refused to wear them whenever he ate. He didn’t like the discomfort in trying to chew his food with the distracting porcelain in his mouth. Over a period of time, he learned to eat without them almost perfectly. I thought it was the oddest thing to do, but once he told me that his gums had toughened up so, that he actually didn’t need his teeth to eat. It was similar to how an infant eats without its first shimmering tooth. The gums become stronger and stronger over time once faced with a choice. They were either going to eat or not eat. I laugh when I think about it now, but bumping your head repeatedly is the same thing. Eventually, you learn how to work around that wall you keep running into. You find an alternate route. You’re either going to continue to fail or eventually figure out a way to succeed and actually progress in life.

“Life is all about steps, some greater than others, but always available.”