I remember when I first decided I wanted to take my passion for writing to a new level. What was that level? I wanted my writings to be available to a more broad audience. You know, more than just my family and friends. I had a strong desire to share my thoughts and what I felt had become my insights on life and various situations to more than just those that knew me. On a more grand scale, I wanted to share with the world!

Humph… Sounds easier than doing I know. I was under the impression that I didn’t have enough money to share my voice with the world. I spent about two years complaining how hard it would be to publish my novel, “Enough Time”. I spent about three years prior writing it and I spent the next two convincing myself that I couldn’t publish it because I didn’t have enough money. Talk about self-defeat.


Within those two years though, I began opening doors for myself that I wasn’t even aware of. I figured if I couldn’t publish my novel (just yet) I’d at least share my short fiction on the web. Hallelujah for social media and blogs! In 2010, I started my first blog and posted my short fiction. I used it for two things, 1) to share my voice I so desperately wanted to do and 2) to better prepare my craft for the world to see. My blog, “Is It Real?” became my canvas for practicing my craft. And as the years went on, I would say, I got better and better. I gained a small following and more confidence in my work. I even began feeling I could get my work published. I didn’t necessarily have the finances all worked out, but my belief that it could be done increased.

Before I knew it I’d caught the eye of an investor. The investor wasn’t a wealthy person, but they were willing to take a chance on my work. After two years of maintaining my blog a door, not a window, but a door of opportunity appeared. A year later, I was able to publish my first fiction novel, “Enough Time” in print and eBook. Talk about walking in faith. Sometimes our goals may be a bit out of reach at different points in our life, but that doesn’t mean to give up on them. It may just mean taking alternative routes to arrive at their front door. My alternative route was my blog, “Is It Real?” It didn’t cost me a dime, just diligence and time. The entire process of publishing my novel was more than just putting words on paper, securing an editor, re-writing, choosing a publisher, etc. It was a journey to being more faithful about what God has in store. Start walking before you take off on that run. Don’t let your doubts hinder you from living out what is meant for you. Money nor worry nor doubt is more important than creating opportunities for doors to open!