Author Christin WebbWhat is passion living for me?

When I was seven years old, I first picked up a pen. It may have even been a pencil, but I never let it go. I used the pencil to release the thoughts that consumed my mind to a more visual form. Poems, short plays, whatever a child’s mind could create, I wrote it with that pencil. Before I knew it, I grew to be ten, twelve, fifteen… By age sixteen, I was writing longer plays, short stories, and what I hoped to become published novels one day. The writing never stopped. I never let go of that pen. Around my late teens early twenties, life began to shake me up a bit. I was learning a whole new world, learning an entirely new type of story to write. Ironically, I paused from creating the visual form of my thoughts. The pen was still in my head, still crafting words I’d put on paper later on. My experiences had grown like mountains and so did my thoughts. Mid-twenties came and went igniting a new growth in me and my writing followed. The point is, I never let go of the pen. I always reverted back to writing; creating a visual form of my thoughts. Now I am very aware of what my passion is. I don’t construe it to be a hobby or some temporary state of happiness. It is my passion.

This is what having a passion is to me. It is that relentless action of hope that keeps you moving forward. It keeps you grounded. It keeps you sane. My passion is and has always been writing. You may not immediately realize what your passion is, but just give it some thought. It’s probably something you’ve always done or always dreamed of doing. No person or thing can keep it from you. It is your passion and no one else’s passion. Find a way to live it out. It may just be that world of difference between letting life live through you and you living your life!

What is your passion?